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About DOCK
and ZINC

DOCK Blaster uses DOCK 3.6, a version of UCSF DOCK and ZINC.
DOCK is a molecular docking program, created and developed for over twenty years by Prof. Tack Kuntz and his group. It is now maintained and developed in the Shoichet Lab, also at UCSF, with the support of a network of colleagues. For more information about DOCK, please visit the DOCK website.
DOCK Blaster docks ZINC, a free database of commercially available compounds specifically prepared for docking screens, available at zinc.docking.org.

A product of BCIRC, the Bioinfomatics and Chemical Informatics Research Center @ UCSF. Last updated Aug 13, 2013. Please direct correspondence as follows: questions and discussion to blaster-fans at docking.org; bug reports to support at docking.org; any other correspondence to comments at docking.org. We thank NIGMS for fiancial support GM71896 and GM59957 Terms of use. Privacy policy.